l'amore è magia..

Hello beautiful girls of OddBall!
Today writing my post was tiring ... it's been three days since my Mac didn't collaborate ... it didn't download images, it turned off and it didn't start again ... you can understand my terror and yet ... here I am keeping you company. .. with the right manners you get everything LOL!

Going crazy the Mac also went crazy inserting images for prints, but I must admit that it was a pleasure, because among the few files that opened me there was a digi BREATHTAKING CCC Premium February Exclusive that I loved so much and so I decided to dedicate myself to him!

I colored BREATHTAKING CCC Premium February Exclusive 2019 with Copic trying to reproduce a bottle with love elixir as realistic as possible ... because you know ... love is magic!

I strongly believe in magic, both through stratagems and thanks to the power of LOL conviction!

I printed BREATHTAKING CCC Premium February Exclusive 2019 on Copic smooth paper and I applied a glittery gel pen and some stamps; later I assembled the card by gluing BREATHTAKING CCC Premium February Exclusive 2019 on black cardboard and under gauze, I then cut out some cards for the base ... and my magic potion is ready!

I remind you that you can buy the digi 2019 exclusive package at the following link ( MONTHLY EXCLUSIVES COMPLETE 2019 SET Creepy Cute Chronicles) at an amazing price !!!!

xoxo Sabrina Chicca Lamarina


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